• Is digital transformation the answer to revitalising a business, or will it only be as good as the people and processes that drive it? HR leaders shared their insights on trailblazing digital innovation initiatives at a recent #chapmancg roundtable at Orange in Paris. Our special thanks to Patricia Waldron-Werner, Executive VP, Global Human Resources, CSR at Orange Business Services for sharing Orange's experiences and hosting the lively discussion. 
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  • Attracting high-calibre digital talent is critical for the business success of most companies. HR leaders shared their top tips for attracting tech talent, including employer branding and the use of storytelling for a holistic career journey, at a recent @chapmancg_ HR leaders roundtable in Munich. A special thanks to Angelika Inglsperger and Dominik A. Hahn, at @allianz for hosting such an engaging event. Swipe across for more photos.
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  • Innovations in workforce analytics can play a critical role in helping HR leaders to provide better advice to business leaders and strengthening the reputation of HR teams. Wendy Cunningham and the team at @experian shared their experience of evolving analytics functions and the benefits of predictive analytics at at an engaging @chapmancg_ roundtable in London. 
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  • AI and the way it is transforming everything from self-service HR through to industrial relations was the hot topic at our HR leaders roundtable in Jakarta. A big thanks to Hadiyansyah Tarmizi and the team at @nokia for hosting us. 
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  • We are incredibly proud of ChapmanCG's Vargin Yeke, whose long months of dedicated training have paid off with his recent qualification for the 2018 IronMan 70.3 World Championships in South Africa. In September he will compete with the world's best across a gruelling race with a 1.9km swim, 90km bike ride, topped off with a 21km run. Good luck @vargin9!
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