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Japan remains one of the most complicated markets in the region for sourcing international HR talent. Despite its market scale, natural language barriers have resulted not only in difficulties in introducing international HR procedures into Japan, but also in offering Japanese HR talent the opportunity to experience HR work overseas. That being said, there are still a great number of world-class HR professionals in Japan, and these individuals are highly cherished by their existing employers.

By virtue of its size and sophistication, Japan remains an extremely important market to most multinationals. For many companies, Japan used to represent a 'region' in its own right, because revenues in Japan could match that of the rest of Asia Pacific put together. In parallel to the rise in importance of other markets in the region, many have now repositioned Japan HR back into the regional fold, especially for fear that HR practices in Japan had become too siloed and impervious to change. HR is well represented in all industries, particularly in Industrial & Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare, and Banking & Financial Services.