As is true with all professions in China, the domestic HR talent base has been stretched in recent years in its efforts to keep up with the country's breakneck speed of development. And this trend is set to continue. Some companies are creating more 'Greater China' HR roles covering neighbouring areas such as Taiwan and Hong Kong, or 'North Asia' HR roles covering a larger catchment area up to Korea and Japan. Other companies are now electing to base their Asia Pacific HR headquarters in China or are starting to split off the China market into a separate ‘region’ in its own right, in either case with HR Directors in China reporting directly into Global or International HR Heads rather than into other Asia hubs.

In the past, many regional HR Directors in China have needed to be hired from elsewhere around the region, especially from Mandarin-speaking pockets of talent in Hong Kong and Singapore. However, we now see a growing community of international HR leaders based in China. And in another recent change, the Industrial & Manufacturing sectors have been the principal areas of growth in the past, but today all industries are now well represented in China.