• As he enters his 4th month with @chapmancg_ , we are pleased to have Nick Scheele, one of our newest Directors onboard, alongside Neal Walters and the team in Japan. In this Q&A (click through our chapmancg.com link in bio, and select 'news'), Nick shares his insights into the HR landscape in Japan, the synergy of HR and marketing, and his love of old-school CDs, food, photography and everything in between. (Sunset photograph taken by Nick).

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  • Hosting a HR leaders’ roundtable in a luxury clothing and accessories store? Yes, don’t mind if we do!
Agility, and the ability for a company to innovate, are key to success in a time of change. At this recent ChapmanCG HR Leaders Roundtable hosted by Monica Lynn Novomisle, Vice President, Human Resources, Asia at the very impressive VIP @toryburch_77 Showroom in Hong Kong, more than thirty HR leaders discussed innovation as the driver of company transformation, and HR Leaders as the enablers of better workplace decision-making during times of change. 
A special mention to Martin Leese for sharing his knowledge and expertise. 
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  • The accelerating pace of digital transformation is creating considerable new challenges and opportunities for managing change programs. HR leaders at this @chapmancg_  roundtable in Seoul deliberated on how to set the stage for a new era in change management and digitalisation. A special thank you to Yang-Kwon Ryu, the Korea General Manager @ecolab_inc , who shared his views on digital transformation and his expectations for HR in Korea. 
Thank you to all the participants, including Eunmi Diana Cho, and HR leaders from @Aramark, @Diageo, @AB Inbev, @Harman, @Roche, @Amazon, @GRP, @Cisco, @Standard Charter, @Maxim Integrated, @HP GTM, and Ringo Lau and Odilia Poon from the ChapmanCG team. 
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  • There is a seismic HR transformation underway, driven largely by digital technology, analytics, and informatics. At this ChapmanCG roundtable, HR leaders discussed how the digital economy has become a real game changer for HR leaders and talent alike.

The roundtable event was held at the new #DentsuAegisNetwork office in Taipei Nanshan Plaza. ChapmanCG's Odilia Poon and Ringo Lau were joined by more than 15 HR Leaders across different industries for an insightful discussion.
A big thank you to Dexter Wen for hosting us at their offices in Taipei and to all the attendees for your contribution and valuable insights.

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  • The best way an company can make its workforce more responsive to change, and the need for agility, is to change how the company manages its workforce. HR leaders roles in agile organisational transformation was the topic discussed at this ChapmanCG HR Leaders Roundtable, with thanks to Jesper Petersen, Vice President Human Resources at @PepsiCo for hosting at their offices in Reading, UK.
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