The Excellence in Operations Team (EOT) is behind the operational success of ChapmanCG. This team is responsible for all operational aspects, including the running of our website, our internal processes, our quarterly market updates, our social media presence, and much more.

All potential hires to EOT will have the relevant project management, process implementation, and communication skills. Most members on this team have a background in management consulting, finance, technology, marketing and communications. This team also has a number of people working part-time or who may job share. We regularly welcome graduate or post-graduate interns on this team. Total compensation is primarily comprised of fixed salary and an annual, discretionary bonus.

If you think you have what it takes to join ChapmanCG, you can speak in confidence with a member of our team, or submit your résumé via

Pearl Lee – Pearl is a Business Partner with ChapmanCG and a graduate of Nanyang Technological University. She joined the organisation fresh out of university in the company’s early days.

"It has been fantastic to be part of such a diverse and supportive team, as that is an important aspect of my work satisfaction. ChapmanCG provides a very dynamic environment, so there is a lot of new learning, and a variety of opportunities in different areas of the business to keep things interesting and engage my mind. I also like the fact that having a good work-life balance is central to the business from the top down."